Valentine's Day engagement? Choose a Celebrant-led wedding!


Your engagement is incredibly exciting and means that you’ve made your commitment to each other public. Inevitably you’ll start planning the big day, and lots of friends, family, and work colleagues will pile in with thoughts and advice. So here’s a thought from me:

Your ceremony won’t just be fabulous because you are fabulous. The person who conducts the ceremony is absolutely critical to the success of the day, and the chemistry that you both have with that person is a make-or-break issue!

In England and Wales, the law requires that a legal marriage must be authorised by the presence of a Registrar, and conducted in a licensed venue using only authorised words.

Now, you might be immediately drawn to that big house, beautiful hotel, or ancient castle that might be licensed for weddings, meaning they will arrange for a Registrar to conduct your ceremony, but this is only one option, and it is much more restrictive than you might think!

You can be legally married in a simple administrative process at your local register office for very little cost, and you are then free to work with a skilled Celebrant to create the ceremony of your dreams.

Here are some reasons to choose a celebrant led ceremony:

Setting: A celebrant led ceremony can take place literally anywhere.

Words: There are no restrictions on the words you can use, so you can express your commitment in your own personal way.

Control: You are the boss! You call the shots, and your celebrant works to ensure you hit bullseye on the day.

Chemistry: You will get to know your celebrant really well, and they will get to know you. That means that the seriousness of the event can be handled with a warmth and humour appropriate to you.

Before you follow the herd, think about being a leader and check out a celebrant-led ceremony

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