Flexibility, personality, freedom, and soul: 4 reasons to choose a Celebrant-led wedding!


When you can get married by a Registrar in a beautiful hotel or maybe even an ancient castle, why would you want a celebrant?

In England and Wales, the law requires that a legal marriage be ‘solemnised’ by an authorised officer of the Court. That means a Local Authority Registrar or a minister of the Church of England (this only applies for weddings in churches). Many hotels and other venues are now licensed to hold weddings and will arrange for a Local Authority Registrar to attend. However, there are some major drawbacks.

Firstly, this limits you to the exact room or part of the venue that is licensed. At the moment, this doesn’t allow for outdoor ceremonies. Secondly, your ceremony must follow authorised words and, although there is some flexibility, these cannot, by law, reflect any religious or spiritual aspects. Thirdly, you will be required to accept the appointed Registrar for your ceremony, which means that there is only limited opportunity to build a really solid relationship before the day and, trust me, that matters a lot!

In fact, you can visit a local register office and arrange for a simple legal marriage for very little cost (under £100) and you can then work with a celebrant to craft a marriage ceremony that will be truly yours.

Flexibility, personality, freedom, and soul: the four words that will have you wanting a fabulous, celebrant-led marriage ceremony.

Flexibility: A celebrant-led ceremony is completely flexible. It can take place literally anywhere and at any time of day.

Personality: When you work with a celebrant, they will take a great deal of time to get to know you and to learn how you would like your ceremony to feel. It will reflect your personality above all else.

Freedom: A celebrant-led ceremony allows you to reflect your shared spirituality and can fully accommodate and reflect differences of emphasis between you. A good celebrant will be able to access the traditions of the ages to bring to fruition a beautiful reflection of how you see the world.

Soul: Your ceremony isn’t just a legal process or the preamble to the party; it’s the marking of the greatest commitment you will ever make to another human being. A soulful ceremony will embrace the fun and festivities of the day, but also carry the weight of the momentous moment.

I know I would say this, but celebrants rock, and there is one out there that is just right for your perfect day.

If you’d like to explore whether I might be the one to make your day incredible, then give me a call on 07530 007163 or email to discuss.

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